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How to remove hidden metadata & elements from Word

Almost every Word document includes information such as hidden text, Object info, Personal Information, and other invisible info stored as metadata. To remove this information, Word 2007 has a feature called  Inspect Document which lets user inspect for these hidden elements and to remove them. To do so, open the document which you want to […]

How to change the default paragraph indentation in Word 2007

Someone asked on how to change the default paragraph indent:The default amount of “increase indentation” whenever I highlight a few lines to indent is too big for me. I would like to halve that amount.How do you set this? I don’t want to set this every time I indent.Here is how you can do […]

How to view more than two places in a Worksheet

The easiest solution is to just open additional windows for the worksheet. Display the View tab of the ruler and click New Window in the Window group (or choose Window | New Window if you have a version prior to Excel 2007). Excel opens additional windows that contain the exact same worksheet. You can then […]

How to delete empty rows

Use the following VB Macro to delete empty rows: ‘/============================/ ‘ Sub Purpose: Delect all blank ROWS within the active cell’s ‘ Used Range ‘ Public Sub DeleteBlankRows() Dim dbMaxRow As Double, dbMinRow As Double, i As Double Dim dbMaxCol As Double Dim rng As Range On Error Resume Next ‘only look in used area […]

Windows Explorer Send To Mail Recipient always sends the email in plain text

Send email as attachment

Whenever you select to send a file by email ¬†using Windows Explorer Send To Mail option (right click on it and select Send To | Mail recipient) the email is automatically in plain text and additional text is included: If you want to send the email in HTML automatically and remove the additional text from […]