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If you setup your account in Outlook 2013 using Exchange ActiveSync and want to rename the account from [email protected] to Personal, you cannot rename it as a regular IMAP/SMTP account: File > Account Settings > Select account and then Change… > More Settings… However, you can rename the account by going to Send/Receive > Define Send/Receive Groups and edit […]

If you don’t have an Exchange server you can create an auto-reply template: Create an auto-reply email template and save it as an Outlook template Create a message reply to send an automatic reply to your emails. In Tools | Rules and Alerts create a new rule (Start from a blank rule, click Check messages […]

Use Quick Parts to insert reusable piece of content or any preformatted snippets you create. Simply highlight the entire block of text and images you want to add as Quick Parts. Now select the Insert tab and click on the Quick Parts button (which by default the list is empty). Click on the Save Selection […]

Whenever you select to send a file by email  using Windows Explorer Send To Mail option (right click on it and select Send To | Mail recipient) the email is automatically in plain text and additional text is included: If you want to send the email in HTML automatically and remove the additional text from […]