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About Radio Tray

Radio Tray Is Not Working in Elementary Freya

Radio Tray is an online radio streaming player with a minimal interface that allows you to listen to online radio stations. This is not a replacement for your media player, it’s an applet that sits on the top panel and allows you to quickly switch between your favorite stations – read more about it on the […]

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WinUSB - create Bootable Windows USB

How to create bootable Windows USB in Linux Mint

If you need to create a bootable Linux USB stick from Linux Mint it is very easy, just right click on the image file and select Make Bootable USB Stick option. However, if you need a bootable Windows USB you cannot use the same method because it will not work. So, you need another tool […]

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Thunderbird “Copying message to Sent folder” hangs forever

I am using Thunderbird 31.5.0 on Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca. I prefer using IMAP over POP3 to have my emails synced with my Android email client (Outlook Preview). Everything works OK and all my emails and folders have been imported/synced correctly with the server. However, every time I send an email I get the following message […]

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Install Silverlight Ubuntu

How To Install Silverlight on Ubuntu 14.04

This is actually an alternative to Silverlight, called Pipelight. It works for many Linux distros and browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Midori, Opera etc. So, in order to install Silverlight on Ubuntu you need to add Pipelight to repository and install it. Open a terminal window and paste the following commands:

After installation you […]

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Domeniu si Hosting

Cum sa Cumperi Domeniu si Hosting

Nu iti face griji, nu e nimic complicat si nu ar trebui sa iti ia mai mult de 3 minute: Intra aici sa accesezi pagina Simplenet. Selecteaza optiunea Hosting Shared Ai de ales intre 4 planuri disponibile, in cazul nostru mergem pe varianta Personal sau Standard. Selecteaza planul dorit si (click pe butonul COMANDA) si in pagina urmatoare […]

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