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Google Authenticator

Autentificarea în 2 pași ține hackerii la distanță

Având în vedere faptul că ne bazăm din ce în ce mai mult pe parole pentru a ne proteja conturile online și simultan cresc și abilitățile hackerilor de a sparge conturile, s-a recurs la o metodă de autentificare mult mai sigură, numită autentificare “two-factor” sau “multi-factor”. Acest tip de autentificare se bazează pe două tipuri […]

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Trovants - growing rocks

Trovant Rocks of Romania – Rocks that grow

Romania is definitely a fascinating place to visit. One place you should not miss is the small village of Ulmet – Bozioru, in Buzau County, where you will find the Trovant Rocks of Romania – they are believed to have life in them. They do not only grow but also multiply by themselves, with a […]

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Optimize usage and performance of the laptop’s battery

The built-in battery manager in Windows can be deceptive in its reports of how much time is left before the battery dies. BatteryCare is a software created to optimize the usage and performance of the modern laptop’s battery. It monitors the battery’s discharge cycles and helps increasing it’s autonomy and improving its lifetime. The program […]

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Proper laptop battery usage guide

Memory Effect First of all it’s necessary to unfold a myth that persists in many peoples head. The battery memory effect. In lithium-based batteries this is in fact a myth, it only applies to older Niquel-based batteries. So fully discharging and charging the battery is completely useless and even harmful as we will see below. […]

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