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How to change the default paragraph indentation in Word 2007

Someone asked on how to change the default paragraph indent:
The default amount of “increase indentation” whenever I highlight a few lines to indent is too big for me. I would like to halve that amount.
How do you set this? I don’t want to set this every time I indent.
Here is how you can do it, by changing the default template – Normal.dotm
1. Create a new document and open the Paragraph
2. In the Indentation section change the Left value to whatever value you like
3. Now save the document as Word Template
Save as Word Template
4. In the opened Save As window browse to %APPDATA%MicrosoftTemplates (or C:UsersNicuAppDataRoamingMicrosoftTemplates) and name your document Normal_New.dotm and click on the Save button.
5. Close Word and go to C:UsersNicuAppDataRoamingMicrosoftTemplates and rename existing Normal.dotm to Normal_Old.dotm (this is to keep a copy of your original template file). Select your newly created file (Normal_New.dotm) and rename it into Normal.dotm
Now the default paragraph indent will be used.

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  1. Thanks! This helped me.

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