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How to fix corrupted styles in Microsoft Word

Styles get corrupted when a document that was created in a newer version of Microsoft Word is edited in a older version. Basically the newer version brings in the style definitions (embedded in the file) that the old version doesn’t “understand” and cannot interpret.
To fix this problem go to Styles and Formatting pane and select Show: Custom; find all instances of the char style and delete them (one at a time)
Sometimes the files cannot be deleted and you can run a macro to remove them:

Sub DeleteChar()
    Dim style As, doc As Word.Document
    Set doc = ActiveDocument
    Set style = doc.Styles.Add(Name:=”replaced”)
    On Error Resume Next
    doc.Styles(“Name_of_the_Style”).LinkStyle = style
End Sub

2 thoughts on “How to fix corrupted styles in Microsoft Word

  1. I am not certain exactly how this macro works but I copied it as is into a Word 2010 document with 10 corrupt styles in it. I changed the macro in one place only – I put in one of the actual corrupted styles named “Body_Text_Char” in place of (“Name_of_the_Style”) and I then ran the macro but nothing happened?? Can you please advise what I have done incorrectly or give me an example using a real corrupted style in a Word 2010 document so that I may see what I have missed? – thanks

  2. The macro runs on the active document. Make sure the style name is correct.
    Can you share a copy of that document to check?

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