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How To Fix Missing Backup and Restore in Windows 7

Windows 7 Backup & Restore

Not sure if upgrading to Windows 7 SP1 caused the Backup and Restore to stop working, but two days after upgrade I was not able to do the backup. I was getting the notification to solve 1 PC issue but when I clicked on the Backup your files button nothing happened, I was missing the backup and restore feature.
Even in the Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Backup and Restore I could not do the backup – no options available there
Empty Backup and Restore

Solution To Fix Missing Backup and Restore function

I found the solution on to edit the registry. Copy/paste text below in Notepad and save it as .reg

Now double click the file to add the info to registry:

You can download the registry file from here: ResetBackupAndRestore.reg
After adding the info to registry it should fix the missing backup and restore issue.
Backup and Restore

16 thoughts on “How To Fix Missing Backup and Restore in Windows 7

  1. this sp also caused me allot of problems. I had to reinstall it then I updated to sp1. This way works ok, l dont know, maybe over time something messed up in the reg and this update could not find specific keys or files.

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  4. This does not work..after you copy/paste to notepad nothing more can be done..double clicking the file does zero and you cannot save as file type .reg what gives ?

    1. Try downloading this file and open it, it should work just fine:

      If you cannot save the file as .reg is because you have the hide known file extension enabled: from Folder Option > View check Show hidden files, folders and drives option. Below is a screenshot (from Windows 10, but it looks the same in Windows 7)

  5. Hi Nicu. I have exactly the problem you described here. I used your registry file and everything worked as you described but I still don’t have my back up and restore functions. I had a blue screen error yesterday and struggled without a restore point or recovery disc. I have a 256GB SSD and the Samsung software advises to turn off back up and restore. It is supposed to let me turn it on manually but this doesn’t work. What would you do to protect your system?

    1. Hi Martyn. I no longer use Windows 7, I’m testing the new Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview.
      If you go to (righ click on) Computer > Properties > System Protection can you Turn off system protection?

      1. Hello Nicu. Thanks for replying. I think I’ve fixed it. It was turned off in Services (Run services.msg) so I set it to manual and now I see all the functionality for Backup and Restore. Do you think the SSD optimisation app turned it off?

        1. Thanks for the update Martyn, glad it is OK now.
          Probably the SSD optimization app turned it off. You can confirm it if you run the optimization again and see if you get the same message to turn off back up and restore. But I think it will be OK now.

          1. Hi Nicu. I’m afraid it doesn’t work bit I’ll stop bothering you now. Backup and ‘create system image’ both fail. It says it has made a system restore point but then when I check it I get a message to say there are no restore points. However, I think I have managed to create a recovery disc. I think it might be something to do with moving my user profile and my pagefile off the SSD to save space. But you have been very helpful and I must not take up any more of your valuable time. Thanks again.

          2. Hi Martyn. No problem at all. A possible cause for the backup and system image fail is the lack of space. You should have at least the same amount of space as your current Windows folder size.
            You can try doing a backup on an external hard drive.

          3. Thanks Nicu. I did try that last night, using my RAID-style Drobo, but it didn’t work out. I had to give up because it was so late. I’ll keep trying.

        2. ty that’s exactly what happened , the ssd magician turned it off , and yer fix worked great , I can now back up ty soooooo much

        3. That’s a knowing answer to a difficult question

  6. Thanks so much… its work. Great post.

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