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How to view more than two places in a Worksheet

The easiest solution is to just open additional windows for the worksheet. Display the View tab of the ruler and click New Window in the Window group (or choose Window | New Window if you have a version prior to Excel 2007).
Excel opens additional windows that contain the exact same worksheet. You can then click Arrange All in the Window group of the ribbon to arrange the windows any way desired (or choose Window | Arrange for earlier Excel versions).
When you open additional windows in this manner, the windows are independent of each other, meaning that you can scroll them independently. If you make a change in one window, the same change is made in all the windows. (This makes sense, since they all display the same data.)
Once the windows are situated the way you want them, you could save the arrangement as a view – Custom Views in the Workbook Views group of the ruler (or View | Custom Views for earlier versions). That way you could quickly recall the appearance of your windows any time you desire.

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