WinUSB - create Bootable Windows USB

How to create bootable Windows USB in Linux Mint

If you need to create a bootable Linux USB stick from Linux Mint it is very easy, just right click on the image file and select Make Bootable USB Stick option. However, if you need a bootable Windows USB you cannot use the same method because it will not work. So, you need another tool […]

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Thunderbird “Copying message to Sent folder” hangs forever

I am using Thunderbird 31.5.0 on Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca. I prefer using IMAP over POP3 to have my emails synced with my Android email client (Outlook Preview). Everything works OK and all my emails and folders have been imported/synced correctly with the server. However, every time I send an email I get the following message […]

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Install Silverlight Ubuntu

How To Install Silverlight on Ubuntu 14.04

This is actually an alternative to Silverlight, called Pipelight. It works for many Linux distros and browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Midori, Opera etc. So, in order to install Silverlight on Ubuntu you need to add Pipelight to repository and install it. Open a terminal window and paste the following commands:

After installation you […]

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Domeniu si Hosting

Cum sa Cumperi Domeniu si Hosting

Nu iti face griji, nu e nimic complicat si nu ar trebui sa iti ia mai mult de 3 minute: Intra aici sa accesezi pagina Simplenet. Selecteaza optiunea Hosting Shared Ai de ales intre 4 planuri disponibile, in cazul nostru mergem pe varianta Personal sau Standard. Selecteaza planul dorit si (click pe butonul COMANDA) si in pagina urmatoare […]

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Click here to enter your most recent passoword

How to Fix “Click Here to Enter Your Most Recent Password”

If you update your Microsoft account password you might get a message to “Click here to enter your most recent password (Important)“. Even if you supply the most current password for your account the message won’t go away. Of course, you might think that switching from a Microsoft account to a local account and then […]

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