How To Fix Missing Backup and Restore in Windows 7

Windows 7 Backup & Restore

Not sure if upgrading to Windows 7 SP1 caused the Backup and Restore to stop working, but two days after upgrade I was not able to do the backup. I was getting the notification to solve 1 PC issue but when I clicked on the Backup your files button nothing happened, I was missing the […]

How to fix corrupted styles in Microsoft Word

Styles get corrupted when a document that was created in a newer version of Microsoft Word is edited in a older version. Basically the newer version brings in the style definitions (embedded in the file) that the old version doesn’t “understand” and cannot interpret. To fix this problem go to Styles and Formatting pane and […]

How to use Quick Parts in Microsoft Outlook

Outlook quick parts

Use Quick Parts to insert reusable piece of content or any preformatted snippets you create. Simply highlight the entire block of text and images you want to add as Quick Parts. Now select the Insert tab and click on the Quick Parts button (which by default the list is empty). Click on the Save Selection […]

How to change the default hyperlink font face/size in Excel

Microsoft Excel

I was having a problem with the cells containing hyperlinks –  the font was changing automatically into the default one (even though I have selected all cells and applied a different font). In order to configure Excel to use the same font face/size as the one you selected for the entire sheet (or group of […]

How To Restart Windows Explorer Without Rebooting

Restart Explorer without reboot

Windows Explorer can sometimes freeze and become unresponsive while other applications may continue to run without any apparent problems. Below are two methods how to restart Windows Explorer without rebooting: Method 1 Kill the current Windows Explorer instance: Open Task Manager (right click on the taskbar or press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and click Task Manager) Click on […]