Trovants - growing rocks

Trovant Rocks of Romania – Rocks that grow

Romania is definitely a fascinating place to visit. One place you should not miss is the small village of Ulmet – Bozioru, in Buzau County, where you will find the Trovant Rocks of Romania – they are believed to have life in them. They do not only grow but also multiply by themselves, with a […]

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FREE Online Business Courses

General Business Courses by Universities Branding, Content & Social Media – Free iTunes – Christine O’Malley, Ohio State Building a Business – Free Online Audio – Free iTunes Audio – Oxford University Building a Business: Moving Your Product to the Market – Free Online Audio – Free Tunes Audio – Oxford University Corporate Finance – […]

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ThinkPad Fingerprint

ThinkPad Fingerprint In Ubuntu 14.04

Recently I switched to Ubuntu 14.04 trying to give Linux another chance (previously I tried Linux Mint which I find  an excellent distro for users migrating from Windows) and after finishing setting up my ThinkPad W520 I wanted to enable the fingerprint reader. I found multiple solutions describing how to enable the fingerprint reader using, […]

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Portrait-Landscape Page

Change page orientation in Word 2013 for one page only

In order to change the page orientation in Word 2013 for one page only you have to use Section Breaks. First you should enable Paragraph marks and other hidden formatting symbols to be easier to work in your document No go to the last page you want to keep current page orientation (usually the default orientation […]

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Affiliate Marketing

Add affiliate tracking code in Prestashop

In the example below I am using the tracking code for the 2Parale platform ( affiliate marketing network in Romania and Bulgaria). The tracking code received from them looks something like this:

The above tracking code is used to track if a sale has been completed successfully. In order to do that you must […]

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