Add affiliate tracking code in Prestashop

Affiliate Marketing

In the example below I am using the tracking code for the 2Parale platform ( affiliate marketing network in Romania and Bulgaria). The tracking code received from them looks something like this:

The above tracking code is used to track if a sale has been completed successfully. In order to do that you must […]

Add Google Analytics tracking code to your Prestashop template

In addition to Google Analytics module available in Prestashop you can add Google Analytics tracking code to your Prestashop template – the code should be inserted into the themes\theme_name\footer.tpl file. Insert the code before the closing </body> tag

Prestashop Invoice Templates for versions 1.5 and 1.6

Prestashop Invoice Template

Modifying Prestashop invoice template is quite difficult, but thanks to some really nice guys who shared their work, there are a few invoice templates that can be used. If you like any of these templates you can download them and just replace the .tpl files: – if you use the DEFAULT theme then you must […]

Primele bancnote din Romania

Primele bancnote din Romania le-au reprezentat biletele ipotecare (bilet hypothecar), care au fost emise de catre Ministerul de Finante in 12 Iunie 1866 (si 9 Septembrie 1880) pentru strangerea de fonduri necesare sustinerii Razboiului de Independenta. Biletele ipotecare aveau urmatoarele valori: 5 lei, 10 lei, 20 lei, 50 lei, 100 lei si 500 lei.