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Install OneDrive on Ubuntu based distros

If you are migrating from Windows and you used OneDrive to sync your files, like I did, a wise step is to install OneDrive-D which is a Microsoft OneDrive desktop client / daemon on Linux, written in Python 3.

Install OneDrive on Ubuntu

First you need to download the zip file from github. Extract the zip file and run the script inside onedrive-d folder. Run the following command in a Terminal:

I am using Elementary Freya and I got an error:  

Cannot Install OneDrive-D

In case you get the same error (./inst: command not found) drag and drop in your terminal and type sudo ./

Run for OneDrive-D

After OneDrive-D is successfully installed run command onedrive-pref to setup the application. 

 There are 4 steps in the configuration process, but the most import is the first one, to authorize sign in with your OneDrive account. You need to click on the URL provided and after you authenticate with your OneDrive credentials you will end up at an empty page – just copy the URL and paste it in your Terminal.

Authorize sign in with your OneDrive account

For next steps you can select n and use default settings

Finish installing OneDrive on Ubuntu

After finishing the OneDrive configuration run command onedrive-d start to start syncing your OneDrive files.


  1. Files and folders deleted locally can be found in Trash and files and folders deleted remotely can be found in OneDrive recycle bin.
  2. Files that are overwritten remotely may not be synced, because OneDrive-D performs overwriting only when it is 100% sure that one file is older than its counterpart.
  3. Copying and moving files are treated as uploading and when you copy/ or move a folder OneDrive-D will upload the entire folder.

I still need to figure out how to enable it in top panel. On Elementary Freya I have the same issue with Dropbox, even though both apps work and sync as they should.

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Radio Tray Is Not Working in Elementary Freya

About Radio Tray

Radio Tray is an online radio streaming player with a minimal interface that allows you to listen to online radio stations. This is not a replacement for your media player, it’s an applet that sits on the top panel and allows you to quickly switch between your favorite stations – read more about it on the Radio Tray project page. However, Radio Tray is not working in Elementary Freya after final release.

To install it open a Terminal and paste the following command:

Radio Tray is not working? Let’s fix it

By default in there is a call to gtk.gdk.threads_init() which should be commented (thanks to 3vi1). To do this we need need to edit – type the following commands in Terminal:

Then press Ctrl+W to search for gtk.gdk.threads_init() and add a # in front of it to comment it.
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Radio Tray is not working - Edit

Now press Ctrl+O to save the changes (WriteOut), leave the File Name Write as it is and hit Enter. Press Ctrl+X to close the file and now you can enjoy Radio Tray.

Radio Tray on Elementary Freyajpg

An alternative for Radio Tray you can use Great Little Radio Player, which has a smart looking GUI and over 500 radio stations of different genres from different countries.