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Prestashop Invoice Templates for versions 1.5 and 1.6

Prestashop Invoice Template

Modifying Prestashop invoice template is quite difficult, but thanks to some really nice guys who shared their work, there are a few invoice templates that can be used.

If you like any of these templates you can download them and just replace the .tpl files:

– if you use the DEFAULT theme then you must  replace the .tpl files located in /public_html/pdf
– if you use a custom theme you need to replace the .tpl files from themes/custom_theme_name/pdf 

Supremacy2k wrote an excellent step-by-step guide how to customize the Prestashop invoice template. Starting from their templates you can customize the layout of your invoices to look more professional, but this will require some programming skills. However, following the step-by-step instruction provided in his guide you will be able to create your own invoice.


Prestashop sample invoice

Source files: gdrive


greenthink prestashop invoice template

Source files: gdrive


cardscapital prestashop invoice template

Source files: gdrive
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Latin script

For Central European languages that use Latin script (Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovene, Serbian, Croatian, Romanian and Albanian) you need to change the default font in order to display characters correctly. Use Freeserif fon instead of using Helvetica.

You can change the default font by editing the PDFGenerator.php file, located in classes\pdf\PdfGenerator.php and search for:

and replace it with:

Save the file and you are ready to use your new Prestashop invoice template.