I am using Thunderbird 31.5.0 on Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca. I prefer using IMAP over POP3 to have my emails synced with my Android email client (Outlook Preview). Everything works OK and all my emails and folders have been imported/synced correctly with the server. However, every time I send an email I get the following message which hangs forever, even though the message is sent correctly: 

Copying message to Sent Folder

If I click Cancel I get the following message and if select to retry i get the initial message again.

There was an error saving the message to Sent

Solution to fix Copying message to Sent folder 

Thunderbird is trying to save a copy of the sent message in the Sent folder which is located in the root of the account folders. If this folder doesn’t exist then Thunderbird will try to create the folder and if it cannot be created then you get the “Copying message to Sent folder”  message which hangs  until you click Cancel. Since I have an IMAP account, the Sent folder exists so I get stuck with that message.

The solution is very easy and you just need to disable saving the sent messages. There is no need to keep a copy of the sent messages since I am using IMAP – the Sent folder is automatically synced with the server: 

  • Go to Preferences > Account Settings

Thunderbird Preferences

  • Select Copies & Folders and uncheck the Place a copy in option

Thunderbird Copies & Folders

And that’s it, now the “Copying message to Sent folder” will not be displayed anymore.

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