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WhatPulse on Ubuntu

WhatPulse on Linux

Installing WhatPulse on Ubuntu (or on any other Linux distribution) is not as easy as installing it on Windows or Mac. Here is the procedure I use every time I have to install it.
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First you need to download the binaries from the official WhatPulse site ( and extract the files into a folder. You will have to install the dependencies using the terminal. These dependencies are required to allow WhatPulse gather different stats (i.e. network stats):

You will need to run the the script and follow the instructions:

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Make sure you add your username when requested and select Yes for other questions. Press Ctrl + C to finish the installation.

What to do if network traffic is not captured

In case your network stats are not captured (network traffic is monitored but not captured) you will be asked if you want to fix it automatically. If you still have issues, then you need to tun the following command (CD to the executable directory in a terminal):

Now restart WhatPulse and everything should be OK.



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