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Windows cannot format this drive …


I wanted to install Linux Mint on a different partition using Install inside Windows, under XP SP3 so I had to format this partition. The problem was I could not format or check it for errors, every time I received same error:

Windows cannot format this drive. Quit any disk utilities or other programs that are using this drive, and make sure that no window is displaying the contents of the drive. Then try formatting again.

I searched for a solution and I found that it will help to zero fill the drive. Once the drive is zero filled Windows should find the drive as unformatted then you can format the drive.

One good free software for this is Active @KillDisk. Below is a list of features included in the free version:

  • Detects and displays information about all partitions, hard disks and floppy drives currently connected to your computer
  • Wipes out all floppies and hard disk drives completely by secure overwriting data on physical level using [One Pass Zeros] data destruction method
  • Erases partitions, logical drives and even not used disk space
  • Erasing report is created and can be saved as a file
  • Supports SSD, IDE, SATA and SCSI drives
  • Supports larger than 128GB hard disks via using LBA(LBA48) mode to access drive’s data
  • File systems (FAT, FAT32, NTFS, etc.) on the drive do not matter, detected physical drive is erased using low-level disk access
  • Double confirmation excludes possibility of accidental erasing of data on a drive
  • Very easy to use, utility has intuitive console interface and command line mode for the advanced users
  • Works on any system capable of boot from floppy in DOS mode
  • Utility is so compact that can be placed on bootable diskette and used from it. You do not even need to boot from the hard drive to destroy it
  • Cleans hard drive, floppies, etc.
  • FREE product updates from the Web

KillDisk can be downloaded from here:

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