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Windows Explorer Send To Mail Recipient always sends the email in plain text

Send email as attachment

Whenever you select to send a file by email  using Windows Explorer Send To Mail option (right click on it and select Send To | Mail recipient) the email is automatically in plain text and additional text is included:


If you want to send the email in HTML automatically and remove the additional text from the email body you can use the solution offered by Microsoft “Outlook: Send To Mail Recipient opens an Outlook plain text message”. Unfortunately this solution allows you to attach only one file – too bad.
I had searched for a fix to this problem and I stumbled upon Stephen’s Scribble Pad describing how to replace the default MAPIMail link with a visual basic script file. Additionally the script includes the default signature:


Create a new text document and paste the above code and save the file. Rename the file to Mail Recipient.vbs and then create a shortcut and rename it to Mail Recipient or whatever name you like. Customize the shortcut’s icon (I use the default Outlook 2007 icon, found in Program Files) and move your new shortcut to your “Send to” folder (i.e. for Windows 7 C:\Users\Nicu\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo).

Rather don’t delete the original MAPIMail link, just change it’s attributes to hidden (you may want it back again later).

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  1. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! This has been pissing me off for years and I’ve finally bothered to find a solution. THANK YOU

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